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The Travelocity Gnomey is on a Mission. Hopefully He’ll NAB me! Here’s Why!

on November 10, 2012

34 days ago (feels like years), I decided to enter The Great Gnome Nabbing contest.  Travelocity is giving away a trip around the world valued at $65,000 to one lucky winner who receives the most votes, has the best on-screen presence and a compelling story.  The winner might even get to make a commercial for Travelocity!  You Gnome, it’s my dream to be an old lady actress…This could be just the start I need.

For 3 weeks straight during the initial voting phase, I woke up everyday with excitement, energy, and motivation to continue promoting Travelocity and You Gnomey.  Seriously, those Travel Gnomes are clever little marketing machines

When it was announced that I made it to the top 10, I was SOOOOO. I jumped up and down, ran in tiny little circles screaming, “OMG I’m SO excited. AHHHH!!!!”  I picked my best friend from college, Tammy Duggan-Herd, to campaign with me as my travel companion.  This year is our 10 year frieniversary and she is definitely the funnest person I know.   I knew that if we were nabbed to go on a free trip around the world, we would make the most of literally EVERY minute.  We actually have a LOT in common.  Besides our good looks and million dollar smiles, we play sports, support human rights, have adventurous spirits, and care deeply about the world and its people. Still looking for more reasons for why we should get Gnomenabbed?


10.  Tammy is little, but she is fierce!

She will protect the Roaming Gnome from ANYONE that even thinks about nabbing him. You can thank #volleyball #crossfit and #rugby 

9:  Paula makes a mean cheese danish!

The Roaming Gnome will never go hungry and Paula might even introduce him to some new scrumptious foods (unlikely, but she will try).  She knows a lot about international cuisines.  That’s her coordinating a cultural exploration program through cooking, featured in the Boston Globe:  Touring The World, One Dish At A Time

8. Paula and Tammy have been best friends for 10 years.

Paula and Tammy have not lived in the same place for the past 6 years, so this trip would help reunite them for 3.5 AMAZING weeks.  They will entertain as they live it up with the Roaming Gnome in 5 international destinations


7. Paula always takes thousands of awesome photos and videos of her travels.

Tammy is great at photoshopping this ‘lil guy but they are dreaming about the opportunity to have a real photo shoot with him in person!  Cheese Danishes will definitely be included in the shoot. In addition to capturing beautiful photos and videos, they are engaging storytellers and writers. Check out the article that Paula wrote about her last trip:  Tropical North Queensland: beyond the reef

6. “I’m dying for a Gnomenabbing, I’ve left the garden too”

Let’s practice.  Paula will nab you now. Then you nab her on the 29th!

5. “I like cheese danishes and even Honey Boo”

Well guess what?   Mama June LOVES Paula’s You Gnomey Rap and Honey Boo Boo said you better redneckognize that You Gnomey is the best!













4. “I’m Funemployed Right Now. This Trip Would Boost My Resume!”

I’m in the field of International Education so I love to help college students organize their travel and study abroad. It brings me so much joy to help others have meaningful intercultural experiences abroad. When I have the opportunity to do it myself, I make the most of every second and share it with the world through video, pictures, stories, and social media updates!  An international travel opportunity like this would definitely help my job search and the positions I will have in the future.

3.  Paula and Tammy’s parents and friends made AWESOME videos to show their support.

“Oh they don’t have a barrel of money, Maybe they’re ragged and funny. But they’ll travel the world with the Gnome, Side by Side ”

2.  She’s a clever little pickle too!

Paula will write jingles along the way.  Did you know she wrote “You Gnomey Rap” and “Nab Me Maybe” in just a few minutes. “Hey, I just met you…And this is crazy…Here’s my passport so nab us maybe!” Check out her YouTube Channel for more videos: PaulaInTheWorld

Plus, they’ve converted all of their FB friends into Travelocity Superheroes

1. The world is one big ball of beautiful randomness.

This may be hard to follow, but it is so so great.  Paula’s Irish friend that she while met teaching English in S. Korea, currently biking across Tanzania.  HE said that he saw Paula on BBC World News TV in Tanzania “jumping around and rapping about a gnome”. (Must of been the “Nab us Maybe” part when I was jumping on the bed).

No matter where they travel, they know they’ll never roam alone.

Travelocity, Paula and Tammy desperately  want to ROAM AROUND THE WORLD WITH THE ROAMING GNOME!  Speaking of, here’s the perfect theme song for when you nab em. Smooches until then! xo

“Fly the great big sky
See the great big sea
Kick through continents
Busting boundaries
Take it hip to hip rocket through the wilderness
Around the world the trip begins with a kiss”


2 responses to “The Travelocity Gnomey is on a Mission. Hopefully He’ll NAB me! Here’s Why!

  1. Alice Baron says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DIDN’T WIN! Especially since the winner broke two of their official rules!

    She uploaded her video to “You Tube” before it was posted on the contest page (f. Must not have been submitted previously in a promotion of any kind and has not been exhibited or distributed previously in any media) and her You Tube posting contained her full name (k. Must not include personally identifiable information)

    So, try to find anybody that cares about Travelocity breaking their own rules!

    Wanting to see a college girl in her binki top must have scored high under “compelling story!”

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